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Crossroads Entertainment

Crossroads Entertainment Services has invested in modern, stunning effects assured to amaze your

guests.  The creative team plans out the ideal placement of effects lighting to maximize their impact.

We use the newest energy-efficient LED effects lights, fog systems, Shadow Dancing Screen, and blacklight and stage lighting.  All of our lighting can be fully autonomous, meaning that our DJs can focus on providing quality services and experiences to the audience.

The Shadow Dancing Screen is fun for everyone and offers great photo opportunities

Shadow Dancing Screen



Media Projector

Fog enhances the appearance and movement of the light show

Project photos, home videos, quotes and more to bring a custom touch to your event

Incorporate ceremony pictures into a slide show during your reception

Custom Slide Show

Ceremony Audio Recording

Ceremony Music and Audio

Record your vows to play during your reception, at an anniversary or just keep to remember your special day

A separate set up for your ceremony ensures great audio for all of your quests to enjoy

Customize your event with additional features at no extra charge.

We pride ourselves on our adaptability and affordability.

With a selection of additional features you can customize your event to compliment your venue and meet your needs without worrying about price tiers or additional cost.